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Currently, we are realising two projects

Identification of the project: Strengthening of the National Voluntary Association‘s capacities in 2020

The supporter of the project: The project is being supported by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and the Government Council for Non–Governmental Non–Profit Organizations

Description of the project and its brief content:

The main activities / aims of the project:

Establishment of the Association’s role as the National Voluntary Association

As part of the project, a new role of the Association as the National Voluntary Association will be established in accordance with the conception of volunteering of the Czech Republic, being a link between the Voluntary Council in the competence of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, and particular voluntary organizations in the Czech Republic.

The main aims of the National Voluntary Association:

  • to ensure the quality of work and management’s professionalization of voluntary organisations,
  • to be a quality guarantor of volunteering in the Czech Republic (within the extent of the National Association),
  • to be a partner of the public administration at all levels,
  • to promote volunteering to the public.

The Association will create and secure a massive, regionally structured network of voluntary centres. This network will connect non–profit organisations from different geographical and thematic areas with various kinds of voluntary programmes.

  • Professionalization of the network management and administration (We want to secure personal agenda of the network, keep the Association’s offices, have a great communication setup between members of the committee, employees, and volunteers.)
  • Extension of the voluntary network (We will extend the network by a minimum of 5 – 6 members – it will be regional voluntary centres or voluntary centres pursuing to extend its scope).
  • With the aim of collaboration’s intensification on the regional level, we will organise 4 regional conferences / meetings.
  • We will offer advisory service, supervisions, and audits to the member organisations.
  • Due to the wide range of communication tools, we will keep regular and important communication with the members.
  • Also, the priority aim is the promotion and development of volunteering in the Czech Republic and collaboration’s strengthening of NGO with the public administration.

Identification of the project

Registration number: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_110/0010897

Identification of the project: Support of employees‘ competencies in the organisations associated in the National Voluntary Association z.s.

The supporter of the project: The project is being realised with the financial help of the EU.

Description of the project

The project will provide education for the member organisations of the National Voluntary Association, z.s. Its main aim is to strengthen the professional level of knowledge, skills, and competencies of employees of the organisations associated in the National Voluntary association, including strengthening the position of older employees in the labour market. It will lead to an increased level of specialisation of employees of the organisations working in the areas of volunteering with the impacts in the whole Czech Republic. 75 people will be trained with higher than "bagatelní" support. The realisation of the project has started on 1.9.2019 and the project will be realised in 30 months.

The aim of the project

To increase the level of knowledge and skills of the employees and thus to secure the line of their qualifications and competencies with the requirements for the practising working activities. With the project, we want to increase the level of employees working in management and coordinators of volunteering, increase hence specialised competencies of the contemporary as well as new members of the network (respectively their employees), support the adaptability of the older employees on the labour market, and professionally support the leading, coordinating, and managing employees by a form of education of the employees of the member organisations associated in the network of the National Voluntary Association z.s.

The specific aims

  • Support of the labour’s force employability and adaptability
  • Help for workers, companies, and businessmen to adapt to changes
  • Increase the professional level of employees‘ knowledge, skills, and competencies, and harmonise qualification levels of labour force with requirements of the labour market
  • Increase the adaptability of older employees